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September 22nd, 2011 § 1 comment

I was asked by the nice folks running Glasgow Filmcamp to talk at the GFT this week about Blipfoto, as part of their contribution to Social Media Week Glasgow.

I kicked off with a potted history of Blipfoto, then focussed in detail on some of the things I’ve already written about in this Blog – my thoughts around value vs. values, and the unique ways Blipfoto brings social networking away from social media and back into the real world. You can browse my slides and notes below, view through Google Docs, or download a PDF.

To support what I wanted to say, I put an open call out to the Blip community inviting anyone who felt being a part of it had had a noticeable impact on their life to send me a short video clip talking about their experiences. As ever, I was swamped with amazing material and put together this short sequence of the most pertinent bits.

The last point made is, to me, possibly the most profound aspect of publishing a photograph every day. She’s a Blipper who goes by the name of amErica and talks about her journal being the thing she plans to leave behind when she’s gone, “…because we have no children to leave our legacy to, I blip.”

I spoke in my presentation about the transient, ‘present moment’ nature of Facebook & Twitter. For most users, the experience and relationship doesn’t build in value over time; it’s about getting a quick reaction to something you’ve said or shared. A Blipfoto journal gives the same instant reaction but, because it’s such a considered exercise for most contributors, you also end up with a very coherent and concise record of your life.

In fact, I think I’ve just decided I want a way for visitors to browse my journal at my graveside. How cool would that be?

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